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Collaboration Agreements

We were involved in the early adoption of the ‘Lambert Agreements’ established for universities and companies that wish to undertake collaborative research projects with each other. We have vast experience of working with each of the 5 model agreements.

All of our work has as its aim the maximising of innovation. Thus, the collaboration agreements that we draft, negotiate and advise on are not developed with the sole aim of maximising commercial return; rather, to encourage collaboration and the sharing of knowledge.

Research, development and collaboration agreements take a wide variety of forms, including: collaborations between commercial and academic organisations; collaborations between commercial organisations; and European FP7 Framework consortium agreements.

We continually work with our clients on each of these types of agreement guiding them through the, sometimes conflicting, rights in relation to existing (‘Background’) IPR, new (‘Foreground’) IPR, confidentiality and publication.

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