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Corporate Governance

We appreciate that high quality corporate governance helps to underpin long-term company performance. As such, it is essential to design and implement rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled that balance the interests of its various stakeholders - including shareholders, management, customers, suppliers, funders, government and the wider community.

We work closely with our clients to establish board governance principles that are designed to enable their board and executive management to operate within a clear governance framework, and ensure both its action plans and internal controls complement the measures used to assess its performance and the requirement for corporate disclosure.

We have considerable experience of designing and helping to implement governance structures for publicly funded private companies, that seek to ensure their private sector ONS classification is retained.

Rob Bryan is an experienced Chair of early stage such companies. Chris Stait, is known for his work in the creation of robust but agile governance structures that allow for a, sometimes, fast changing source of revenues. We provide strategic guidance and representation to companies and their directors, officers, and shareholders.

Our proactive approach to corporate controls, compliance assessment, and planning helps us to anticipate and protect clients from legal issues that would otherwise adversely affect their reputation, business operations and/or funders.

We advise boards, board committees, individual directors, officers and company managers on their duties, obligations, and liabilities. We represent many kinds of board committees, including those with oversight of audit, compensation, director nomination and governance matters.

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