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TUPE Regulations

We appreciate the pivotal role these regulations play in the legal and HR aspects of buying and selling businesses, outsourcing and insourcing. We are vastly experienced in walking numerous organisations throughout the Services sector through their obligations to ensure they are not found liable for automatic unfair dismissals and paying penalties for even minor omissions/errors in the consultation process.

Throughout the private and public sectors, we work on mergers, acquisitions, insourcing and outsourcing, assisting with: planning; drafting and negotiating suitable clauses in contracts to mitigate the legal risks; resolving pre-transfer disputes, such as which employees transfer; meeting the information and consultation requirements, including assisting with the actual consultation meetings; training staff representatives; effecting post-transfer redundancies and harmonisation of employment terms; advising on the effect on pensions and other benefits; acquiring insolvent businesses; and, if it can’t be avoided, litigation.

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