A Great Team, a Great Deal

At BPE we nurture talent, we are a collective of remarkable individuals and we have worked hard to create a business and environment to support our people to be the best they can be, a competitive salary is just the start.

We make sure we check in constantly with our people, our annual staff survey and regular pulse surveys allow us to keep a check on employee engagement and allow us to make sure we remain competitive and our people are happy.

At BPE, we encourage people to be themselves, and although we're not a family firm, it feels like one. We rarely say 'no', encouraging staff to take opportunities to grow and experiment - there's no failing, just opportunity to learn. 

The BPE Package

While most firms offer a good employee package, we like to think here at BPE we have designed a package with a balance of benefits and support which like our people is pretty unique:

  • Supportive & Flexible

    We have an open and honest working environment and support people to work in a way that best suits their life situations.
  • Ongoing Support

    Our open plan offices mean you have access to all of our teams, whether its support on a pitch, understanding a clients needs or just having a chat – we find the environment supports a real collaborative culture.
  • Your Birthday

    We want to say 'thank you' to our staff so, if you work at BPE for two years, we will give you your birthday off every year in addition to your vacation days. Happy birthday to you!
  • Work hard. Play hard

    We work hard but we play hard, too. Teams have regular days out of the office where they can relax and have fun, as well as the annual Christmas and summer parties.
  • Career Progression & Training

    We encourage staff to continually develop themselves we support this development by offering training, webinars and guest speakers, as well as supporting staff to attend training courses and networking events.
  • Healthy Staff, Happy Staff

    We want our staff to be healthy and happy. We try to help with this by providing free anonymous telephone counselling and weekly fitness classes on site.

  • Parking and Riding

    Being a town centre office we have limited parking onsite, but we strive to find alternative for those that need it including - a Ride to Work scheme, encouraging staff to cycle to work. The Cheltenham office also has a bicycle car park and on-site showers for your convenience.
  • A well earned break

    If you work at BPE for 10 years, you will be given a two month paid sabbatical for you to use in any way you'd like. Perhaps you'd like two months of relaxation, maybe you'd like to travel. It's completely up to you.

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