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Financial Services

Our team has a depth of experience in advising clients on the financial services legislation and regulation in the UK and how to work within the highly regulated financial services sector. The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 sets out that a person must not carry out a regulated activity in the UK or purport to do so unless they are authorised or exempt.


Financial Services

Carrying on a regulated activity against the general prohibition is a criminal offence and may result in certain agreements being unenforceable. There is a wide definition setting out what is classed as a regulated activity. These could be activities of a specified kind, carried on by way of business and relate to a specific investment or property of any kind. To undertake these activities without authorisation from the FCA, an individual must be an exempt person, for example an individual covered by an exemption order or an appointed representative (or introducer appointed representative) of an authorised person.

The financial services legislation and regulations are notoriously complicated. We work with financial services businesses and senior management teams to give expert regulatory advice to ensure that businesses understand the provisions that apply to their business so compliance can be ensured. Compliance is important to ensure that the high standards associated with the financial services sector are maintained and to avoid penalties and public censure.

Should you need advice relating to your financial services business or assistance with responding to an investigation or an intervention, we can provide timely, reasoned and decisive advice so you can protect your business and its reputation. Our team takes a commercial approach to advising clients on the regulations that impact their operations.

We can also work with you to gain the necessary authorisation and approval from the Financial Conduct Authority and our team can prepare company contracts that meet regulatory standards, as well as reviewing and updating warning notices and other documentation to ensure that your business is compliant.

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