Alternative Dispute Resolution

There is likely to come a time where you find yourself in a commercial dispute of some kind.  This could be as a result of needing to protect your business’ assets, dealing with a disputed contract, recovering monies owed to the business or dealing with breaches or infringements of your intellectual property.  It may also be that you are in dispute with a company and are looking to resolve the issue. 

Our specialist and experienced team of litigation lawyers can advise you on the best course of action to resolve your dispute.  Traditionally this would involve a process which ultimately led to court action and was often time consuming and costly to all parties involved. 


Using ADR to Resolve Your Situation

Whilst court action is often considered as the final option, there are other ways to resolve disputes – known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Alternative dispute resolution, as the name suggests, is a process which enables a dispute to be resolved without going to court and has many benefits, including saving time and legal costs. ADR includes mediation, settlement meetings, and/or obtaining an expert third party opinion.

When to engage in ADR is important, so taking legal advice to decide when may significantly assist you to resolve your dispute in the most appropriate and cost-effective way possible.  

The BPE Litigation team actively promote ADR as a means of settling disputes and regularly support mediation and arbitration processes.  The team at BPE includes two Accredited Mediators (Riyaz Jariwalla and Philip Radford) who regularly run mediation sessions for clients to resolve disputes.

If you have a dispute and would like to consider ADR to resolve it, contact a member of the team to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

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