Fraudulent communication

Unfortunately, cybercrime and fraud are on the increase.

Criminals may attempt to hack into our emails and send you an email purportedly coming from us.  They may claim we have changed our bank details and insert their own bank details where you may inadvertently send funds to the criminal’s account.

Additionally, some criminals may pretend to be from BPE Solicitors or pretend to be involved with us to suggest you are a beneficiary to some money and request you send them your bank details.

If you receive an email of this kind claiming to be from BPE Solicitors you are advised not to respond to the email nor provide any personal details.  It is unlikely that such an email originates from BPE Solicitors.

Please act cautiously for your own protection:-

  • We will never advise you of any change to our details solely by email
  • If you receive an email informing you of bank detail changes outside normal hours please treat this with caution

BPE Solicitors will not be responsible for any losses incurred in email scams.