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Management Buy-outs

Pragmatic advice and clear direction for MBIs and MBOs

Whether you’re a seller or management team, we totally get your needs and goals. We promise you clear professional advice and a friendly, personal service to navigate the nuances and complexities of your sale or buy-in and ensure the transaction goes smoothly for both sides.

Our Corporate law specialists have extensive experience of overseeing both management buy-outs (MBOs) and management buy-ins (MBOs). In simple terms, an MBO sees the existing management team of a business take ownership of that business, whilst an MBI involves an external management team acquiring ownership and replacing that existing management team. The decisions you make now can have a long-lasting impact so we’re here to help you make them with total confidence. 


We see the bigger picture and we scrutinise the small print

The process of an MBO (or an MBI) can be complex and stressful for management teams and business owners alike, requiring careful negotiation and collaboration to achieve success.

Our comprehensive technical expertise covers all legal aspects of MBOs and MBI. We can guide you through the whole process, from drafting restrictive covenants, negotiating the terms of the buy-out and advising on conflicts of interest, through to drafting the share purchase agreement and completion. 

We combine clarity and certainty with a friendly, flexible and relaxed approach. You can rely on us to examine the minute detail and undertake due diligence to ease the burden and help guarantee success. Our team is partner led and you’ll always know the member of our team you’re talking to.


We can help with funding too

MBOs and MBIs often require equity or debt financing or an element of deferred consideration. If debt financing is needed, our lawyers have a network of trusted professional contacts in the financial sector so we’re well placed to make valuable introductions. That’s not all; when we work with you on your MBO or MBI you become part of our corporate network which could also help you develop new opportunities and contacts in this area.

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