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IP Disputes

We police and protect your IP

With the rapid growth in technology and the globalisation of business, infringers and competitors are finding new ways to copy, imitate and free ride.

We’re quick to identify the measures needed to ensure your rights are safeguarded, infringers are targeted, and the unlawful activities stopped. We offer comprehensive, real-time commercial solutions specifically crafted for you or your business.


We make the complex clearer

Our agile, straightforward approach and clear direction is helping to protect some of the most valuable IP in the world. The methods of policing and tackling infringement - both online and offline - are more complex than ever, so we get to know your business and the technology you adopt. Our expertise includes emerging technology sectors such as 3D Printing, Digital Assets and Virtual Platforms.

Our services include:

  • Infringement (Claimant and Defendant)
  • High Court Litigation / Injunctions (search and freezing orders)
  • Multi-jurisdictional litigation (cross-border)
  • Mediation/ADR
  • Oppositions (UK and EU trade marks)
  • Invalidation of IP Rights (UK and EU)
  • Revocation of IP Rights (UK and EU)

Innovation and flexibility drive our approach

We offer real-time commercial solutions, keep an eye on the latest developments and we’re always looking for ways to do things better on your behalf. That’s not all, as one of our clients you’ll become part of our growing business network which could also help you develop new opportunities and expand your contacts in this area.

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