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No1 Botanicals - Rosemary Water

Rosemary Water is the company behind the world’s first pure rosemary infused water, that provides health benefits and promotes long-life in its drinkers. BPE supported the company in helping to secure investment, bringing in legal frameworks, drafting commercial agreements and providing guidance to ensure the new product meets regulatory requirements.

The relationship between Rosemary Water and BPE Solicitors initially came about through David reading an article in a regional business magazine in which the corporate partner, described the qualities entrepreneurs should look for in their legal team. The advice resonated with David, who chose to work with us over his usual London firm of lawyers. It is this partnership of like-minded individuals who look at things a little differently, that brings BPE clients exceptional results.
In the establishment of the new company, BPE have helped to:

  • Successfully generate interest and facilitate investment from high net worth individuals to raise more than £1 million in less than seven months – without a conventional business plan and warranties
  • Prepare all corporate documentation and establish the taxation basis for the company
  • Draft commercial agreements, options and transfer arrangements for investor relationships
  • Define the legal framework for commissioning R&D into the potential health benefits of the company’s products with a leading British university

The regulatory requirements in bringing a new product to market are strict and BPE has an in-depth understanding of this, providing pragmatic advice and guidance, while ensuring compliance with the legal framework. Because we know that clients, like David, require an accessible and responsive service, he’s always had easy access to the team when he needs it.

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