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Joint ventures

We can advise you on a broad range of contractual collaboration arrangements including contractual joint ventures. We help to consider the full range of contractual issues including governance, property, employment and intellectual property matters.

While entering into a joint venture has many benefits (enjoying the good reputation of the other business or accessing a wider pool of the market being just two), it can be a very complex procedure given the necessary negotiations over the joint approach to the project and the financial rewards.


Contractual joint ventures

Joint ventures have varying degrees of integration and an international element can add another level of complexity so having a collaboration agreement in place to clearly state the duration of the agreement and the key objectives will help all the parties involved to execute a successful joint venture.

A contract for the joint venture will remove any ambiguity about the responsibilities of each party, and should minimise the likelihood of disagreement over how the joint venture should be executed. Careful consideration should also be given to exiting the arrangement and the process that should be followed to achieve an amicable exit, with both parties retaining their original assets as well as the rewards earned via the collaboration.

The key thing to remember throughout the whole process of a joint venture is that collaboration and transparency is essential. Our approach to advising clients on joint ventures is to keep the lines of communication open, to understand the key objectives of the joint venture and to highlight any potential issues before they evolve into something much larger.

Whether you need a simple business partnering agreement or a more complex contract for a establishing a large new business, our team can help you to throughout the whole process.

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