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An online presence is a necessity for most businesses nowadays. Online trading or e-commerce has grown exponentially in the last decade, widening customer bases nationally and overseas, presenting a multitude of opportunities for business owners.

We can advise you on the legalities of owning and running a website, from website terms and conditions to cookie and privacy policies, our team has vast experience in advising clients in how to manage online sales.


E-commerce contracts

As online sales continue to grow, so too do the regulations businesses need to adhere to and the complexity of e-commerce contracts. The aim is to ensure that the contract is properly structured to ensure it is compliant with regulations, as well as being legally correct and affording the seller maximum protection.


Consumer protection

Irrespective of whether the consumer is making a purchase in a shop or online, consumer rights still apply. You should ensure marketing activities are not aggressive or misleading in any way. For further information on consumer rights, please click here.

Online regulations, though less established than traditional consumer rights, are in place to protect consumers purchasing goods online. The basis of these regulations is that company information should be transparent and easily accessible to the consumer.


Cookies and privacy policies

Every business that operates online must have a privacy policy, which must be accessible to website users. This is a document that should be regularly reviewed to ensure it is up to date with the current rules and regulations. It should outline the methods you use for collecting, storing and sharing personal information about online customers.

Having a cookie policy in place is also good practice. This should outline the information you collect from when a user interacts with the site and fills their shopping basket to opting in to receiving updates.


Terms and conditions

You should also consider both terms and conditions (T&Cs) and those relating to the sale of online products to ensure you’re complying with consumer law regulations. The T&Cs should be properly drafted and should be specific to the company using them, not generic conditions that any business can use.

If you would like assistance with any of the aspects involved in selling online, our Commercial Team has extensive experience in advising clients on successfully trading online and can support you with drafting the contracts you need.

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