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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions (“T&Cs”) underpin almost every contract and are probably the most common form of contract.

T&Cs are often used as a standard contract for selling goods or services. They are particularly useful for companies that enter into lots of different contracts as it provides certainty of terms across all agreements. T&Cs are also used to set out the use and access to a website or used purely as a disclaimer.


Terms and Conditions

Each company will have different objectives but almost all terms and conditions cover key areas of price and payment, liability, risk and termination. Depending on whether a company contracts only with other businesses or also with consumers, there may be consumer-specific terms such as the right to cancel a contract within the cooling off period. Whatever the reason for requiring terms and conditions, it’s important that they are fit for purpose. Our Commercial Team are specialists in both business to business and business to consumer terms and would be happy to assist you with putting together bespoke terms for your business.

Standard terms and conditions should be regularly reviewed to ensure they are up to date with legislative changes and to reflect any changes to the activities your business undertakes. We can work with you to create a standard template of T&Cs that will support your day-to-day operations, helping to limit your legal risk and streamline your contracting processes.

There are limitations to the usage of standards T&Cs, for example, if your business is undertaking a new or bespoke project. These contracts should be governed by a tailored set of terms that are bespoke so that you are not trying to use unsuitable terms.

Our team draft hundreds of T&Cs each year for clients ranging from start-ups through to SMEs and large corporations, across all sectors.

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