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BPE’s Commercial Property Team celebrate momentous Work Anniversaries


BPE’s Commercial Property Team have been celebrating some milestone work anniversaries. Having shown such dedication to their roles over the years we wanted to say a huge thank you to these BPE stars and hear from each of them what it is about BPE that they love so much.

Doug Armstrong, Partner, has just taken his 2-month (paid) sabbatical, a huge perk of working at BPE for 10 years.

Doug Armstrong

Doug joined BPE in April 2013 as a Solicitor. Being a natural at business development, and with a sterling reputation amongst his investment portfolio clients, he quickly worked his way up through the ranks, all the way to the top, becoming a Partner in 2017.

Q:Doug, it is a huge achievement to have been with BPE for 10 years and to have made such an impact on the firm during that time. Aside from your own immense hard work and dedication, how has BPE supported you and your career through so many promotions and all the way to Partner?”

Doug:I’ve been supported, encouraged and most importantly, trusted from day one.  It’s the trust that allows you to get on and make the most of your opportunities and the support and encouragement allows you to thrive as a professional.  We also have a great team here and I wouldn’t have achieved anything without their hard work and team spirit.”

Q:You recently took your 2-month sabbatical. Tell us more about this and how you celebrated your 10-year work anniversary?

Doug:We went as a family to Indonesia for 6 weeks.  It was great to have a complete break from work to switch off and spend time exploring a different country and having lots of great experiences with my young family.  We created memories that will last a lifetime but, as well as that, the time and distance from work gives you fresh perspective, which is important for work and the home life!”

Georgie Applegate, Senior Associate, is also celebrating her 10-year work anniversary with BPE.

Georgie joined BPE in September 2013 as a newly qualified solicitor. With a real gift for the technicalities of the law and a talent for training the younger members of the team, Georgie progressed to Senior Associate in just a few years.

Q:Georgie, you have said that a huge part of why you have been at BPE for so long is the Team’s culture. What is it about BPE that has encouraged you to stay for 10-years?

Georgie: “As cheesy as it sounds, we really are friends as well as colleagues. I’ve witnessed so many occasions over my ten years at BPE where one or another of us have needed the support of our colleagues, and without fail, we have stepped up for each other; whether that has been dropping everything to help out on an urgent matter for a client or supporting each other because of something outside of work. It is great to go to work and enjoy the company of the people around you!”

Q:Team Leader Jo Bewley recently described you as “absolute fire” when training younger members of the Team. What is it about your recurring role as Trainee Supervisor that you enjoy so much?

Georgie:It is really important to me that everyone gets an opportunity to thrive, and it is all too easy for some of us to forget how daunting those early days as a new trainee can be. I really enjoy sharing some of the essential tips, tricks and tools to help the new starters develop both personally and professionally, and watching their confidence and skills improve dramatically in those early months is so rewarding.”

Nicky Corner, Partner, has been with BPE since 1988 – an impressive 35 years!

Nicky joined BPE in 1988 as a solicitor.  She joined to become Head of Residential but in the early 1990s moved to the Commercial Property team.  Nicky acted for a major investment firm at that time involving many site inspections undertaken in her red sports car that became known as the “bat mobile”.

Q:Nicky, 35 years is very impressive, what is the secret to such long service at BPE?”

Nicky:I think the secret is the constant portfolio of clients I have worked with and the fact the property team is such a fun and supportive group to work with.”

Q:You must have enjoyed several sabbaticals during this time?”

Nicky:Yes, I very much have.  My first was spent in Namibia and Botswana and my second to Columbia and an extensive road trip around India from Amritsar to Simla and this year a five week road trip through Patagonia visiting Argentina and Chile with many adventures on the way - mostly involving punctured tyres!”

Kate Fountain, Senior Associate, has hit 10 years at BPE. 

Kate joined BPE in 2013 having previously worked for a City firm.  She quickly became a part of the team who worked for the firm’s biggest client as well as gaining promotion to Senior Associate within a few years. Over the last 10 years Kate has built an impressive reputation for specialising in landlord and tenant work in the office, retail, leisure and logistics sectors. 

Q:  “Kate what was it that attracted you to BPE?”

Kate: “We made the decision to relocate the family from London to Cirencester and I was looking for a dynamic firm with a strong commercial property offering.  BPE matched all of my wish list and I have not regretted my choice at all.”

Q:  “What is the one aspect of working at BPE that you have most benefitted from over the past 10 years?”

Kate: “Without doubt, the work life balance.  With a young family I have had the freedom to work around those big events you do not want to miss e.g. sports days, concerts etc.  In addition the ability to work from home and work my hours around family commitments has been invaluable”.


Jo Bewley, Partner and Head of Property Services, who has herself been at BPE for 13 years, said “It is a great testament to the Commercial Property Team and to BPE that we are able to celebrate so many monumental work anniversaries this year. The Commercial Property Team is the biggest at BPE – and has a reputation within the firm for having the biggest and best social events! This is evidence of the hard work every member of our team puts into their roles and of the friendships and comradery that this Team has created. I’d like to extend a huge congratulations to Doug, Georgie, Nicky and Kate, for just being part of the BPE furniture, and I look forward to many more years of success within our Team and within all other teams at BPE”.

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