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Data Protection Day 2024

Data Protection Day 2024

Data Protection Day (also known as Data Privacy Day) occurs on the 28th January, each year. It marks the date in 1981 on which the first legally binding international treaty on data protection – Convention 108 - was opened for signature.

Whilst most people outside (and quite a few inside!) of the data protection world will not have heard of Convention 108, Data Protection Day provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses alike to reflect on the security of the data they create, use or share.

More data is created than ever before, and our increasingly digitalised world means that much of that data is highly valuable. In the UK, the Government produced a National Data Strategy focusing on the importance of unlocking the value in data. The same strategy also recognised the need to ensure data is used responsibly and the infrastructure upon which it relies is secure.

Data protection legislation has evolved vastly over the years, as new technologies are developed, and data use has increased. The challenge for Governments across the world is to ensure that data protection legislation keeps pace with technological advancements, is robust but does not stifle innovation.

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