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Jade's Law

The Justice Secretary Alex Chalk KC has confirmed that new laws will be introduced to provide children with better protection from harm.

Amendments to The Victims and Prisoners Bill will see parents who kill a person with whom they share Parental Responsibility having those rights suspended upon sentencing.

The decision would then be reviewed by a Judge to ensure that it in the best interests of the child. It is understood that exemptions will apply, for example, in cases where a victim of domestic abuse kills their abuser. 

The new law will be introduced after tireless campaigning of the family of Jade Ward who sadly lost her life in 2021, at the hands of her former partner. 

Parental Responsibility is enshrined within the Children Act 1989 and in practice provides parents with the power to make important decisions in respect of their child's life. 

In her next article, Hannah will discuss Parental Responsibility in more detail, including what it is, who has it and who can obtain it.

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