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Domestic Abuse

Sadly, domestic abuse still features in separations and divorces with up to 40% of court cases of arrangements for children seen in court involving allegations of abuse by one parent to the other.

The Family team at BPE can support you if you have been a victim of domestic abuse and advise you on steps you can take to protect yourself and your family. You may be eligible for legal aid as a result of the domestic abuse.  If so, we can signpost you to firms who can assist you.

We can advise on the steps you can take to obtain protective court orders.  We can help you to put together a case to clearly demonstrate the abuse you have suffered and support you throughout the court process.


The Domestic Abuse Act

The Domestic Abuse Act, introduced in 2021, also provides a wider definition of domestic abuse (previously limited to physical) to include emotional, coercive and economic abuse. 

As a result of the Act, victims will also have additional support and protection including immediate protection from the alleged perpetrator and removing the right for a perpetrator to cross examine the victim in court.

With these new measures in place and the assistance of a member of our team, we can help you get the appropriate safeguards in place to protect you and your children. 

Court Orders

There are different types of court orders which can be applied for to protect you from an abusive partner.  These include:

Non-molestation order – this can be applied for to protect you from a close family member or someone you have lived with or been in a relationship with.  The order is designed to protect you and/or your children from someone who has abused you.

Occupation order – this determines who can live in the family home or can enter the surrounding area.  It can, for example, order that one person is not able to re-enter the former family home for a period of time or is not allowed within a certain distance of the property for a specific period.

Hearing for these types of order will be heard in private and a member of our Family team can also be present to support you.

Domestic abuse is still sadly a factor in relationship breakdown and can affect both male and female victims.  Our team are experienced in supporting the needs of domestic abuse victims and preparing relevant paperwork to ensure that you and your family are protected.


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