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Policies and Procedures

Contracts of employment are paramount for employers because they set the terms of the working relationship, which both parties can rely on. Employers should be aware that the rules surrounding contracts of employment may update on a regular basis.

We can provide contracts of employment which not only meet the many legal requirements, but also ensure that the contract matches the actual working relationship. Contracts of employment can also provide essential protection for businesses and should be viewed as an integral tool for the management of employees.


Policies & Procedures

Additionally, businesses should have policies and procedures in place to help in the government of this relationship between the business and the employees. These form a useful set of guidelines to be followed in any manner of situation, ranging from discipline or performance to family-friendly policies, such as maternity, paternity or shared-parental leave. These should be made readily available to everyone, so that they can be referred to by both employers and employees when the time arises.

We offer the full complement of services from drafting, reviewing and updating existing contracts of employment and policies in order to ensure that they are appropriate, effective, and in-line with existing legislation. We always pride ourselves in working closely with our clients in order to ensure that the contracts of employment and procedures that are in place allow a business to deal effectively and efficiently with your employees.

Policies, procedures & contracts of employment form the cornerstone of the relationship between employer and employee. We always ensure that they are well drafted and robust in the protection that is afforded to any business we act for.

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