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Trust Disputes

Setting up a trust is a proactive step to take when considering your assets and how you would like to manage them, both now and in the future.

Unfortunately, there may come a time when there is a dispute about a trust.  We are able to support clients who are trustees who may be being challenged as to their decisions and want to protect themselves. 

If there are several trustees, the relationship may have become difficult making decision making more complex.  You may be a beneficiary and want to challenge a decision or are in dispute with a fellow beneficiary which you would like advice on.


How We Can Support You

We can also advise on making changes to a trust such as removing or adding a trustee or changing the terms of it, if, for example, if the trust is particularly old or outdated.

Our team regularly create trusts for clients, often acting as a trustee themselves to help support and manage its administration going forwards.

Being a trustee is not an easy role and we are here to support and help to resolve disputes to allow the management of the trust to continue effectively. We also keep the beneficiaries needs foremost and can support you if you feel a trust isn’t being managed properly.

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