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My perfect Sunday….

My perfect Sunday….

In this edition, we interview Steve Oakes, the newest member of the BPE Construction & Engineering Team.

I’ve worked in the construction sector since…I have been involved in the construction sector for over 15 years. My father had a building company for over 30 years. So you might say that I have been involved in the construction sector for most, if not all, of my life.

The best thing about my job is… dealing with contentious matters. I suppose you might say that I like a good argument

The worst thing about my job is… without doubt, losing an argument (see above!)

The first album I ever bought was…. Not sure what the first album was, it seems such a long time ago. However to give you some idea of my eclectic taste in music I did buy the twelve inch single version of ‘Rat Rapping’ by Roland Rat back in the 80’s. I put it down to being young at the time!! For anyone under 40 -yes, he was a rat or at least a puppet of a rat and he was extremely famous -well he was on breakfast television.

My favourite holiday was to… Florida, yes the home of the mighty Mickey. It took my four year old only a matter of days to rename the famous Magic Kingdom to ‘Mickey Park’. I have to say that it was a fantastic holiday and even driving on the wrong side of the road was fun.

Make mine a…. pint of real ale or Guinness (remember I am from ‘up north’)

In 2014….I would like to return to Florida for another family holiday and to show the local drivers that I too can turn right on a red light, even when everything in my body is saying STOP.

My perfect Sunday would be…..hung-over. Sorry: just joking! My favourite Sunday would be spent with my wife and children (ok, so there would probably be a pub lunch in there somewhere).

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Steven Oakes - steven.oakes@bpe.co.uk or call 01242 248257

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