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New family mediation service from BPE helps take some of the pain out of divorce.

A new family mediation service which gives separating couples in Gloucestershire the opportunity to reach agreements without the need for court action is now available at BPE Solicitors LLP.

The South West law firm’s trained Family Mediator, Helen Cankett, is adept at assisting couples with the thorny issues that inevitably arise during family breakdown and hopes the service will be of real benefit to couples who find themselves going through this difficult process.

“Mediation sessions offer a safe, confidential and supportive environment in which couples can discuss future arrangements for their children and finances”, explains Helen. “It gives them complete control of any future arrangements, in contrast to Court proceedings where a Judge will dictate what must happen, which can leave many couples feeling dissatisfied and resentful.”

During the meetings, the mediator is completely impartial and so cannot give any legal advice. However, the mediator can provide couples with a wealth of information about the law which often helps them come to a mutually satisfactory arrangement without needing to involve the Court.

Helen continues, “To begin with, couples would have an individual “intake session” to discuss the benefits of the process, and to assess the suitability of mediation for their particular situation. If they then decide to go ahead, the first joint session will be arranged. . It is usual to need two to three joint sessions to cover everything. Then, if an agreement is reached, written summaries will be provided and can be passed to your solicitor to be converted into the appropriate Court documentation.”

Helen is formally recognised by the Family Mediation Council in “All Issues” Mediation.


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