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Whilst having a clear out over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, I stumbled across a Radio Times supplement entitled “The 50 greatest British inventions”. I was amazed and delighted to see so many materials, processes and even everyday items connected to the construction and engineering industry that have their roots firmly on British soil. Whilst St George’s Day (today as I type) is typically about the English, I thought a celebration of British success would be great for our May newsletter.  So here is a rundown of 10 of the great British things construction would not be the same without:

  1. Sewage system (1865, Joseph Bazalgette)
  2. Float glass (1959, Alastair Pilkington)
  3. Modern fire extinguisher (1818, George William Manby)
  4. Carbon fibre (1963, Royal Aircraft Establishment Engineers)
  5. Linoleum (1860, Frederick Walton)
  6. [Portland] Cement (1824, Joseph Aspdin)
  7. Stainless Steel (1913, Harry Brearley)
  8. Steri-spray (2008, Ian Helmore)
  9. Bessemer Process (1856, Henry Bessemer)
  10. Thermos Flask (1892, Sir James Dewar)


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