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BPE Luxembourg to Budapest Bike Ride: Training update - Hills & Headwinds

In an attempt to face up to the task in hand both Jon Close and I spent the best part of a sunny Saturday clocking up a 100km around the North Cotswolds. So what did we learn?

  1. Your mind is your own worst enemy! – free your mind and your legs will follow (reluctantly).
  2. Road Bikes don’t have granny cogs! – Despite numerous attempts to find the mythical gear whilst straining up Snowshill our road bikes don’t have them. (See point 1 above)
  3. Just because something should be downhill doesn’t mean that it is.
  4. No matter what direction your'e riding in, it will always be into a headwind, unless you are riding behind Jon Close. Jon’s ample frame (not bike) creates a serene microclimate.
  5. Consuming tropical flavoured Energy Gels which have become warm is like drinking sick out of sweaty sock.
  6. There are a multitude of analogies (none of which are publishable) to describe saddle sore.
  7. And finally, there are four remedies for pain:
    • If your quads start to burn, shift forward to use your hamstrings and calves;
    • If your calves or hamstrings start to burn, shift back to use your quads;
    • If you feel wimpy and weak, meditate on the need to toughen up, and if all else fails;
    • Beer – it’s a bona fide recovery drink.

The hard work begins now!  Thank you to all our supporters who have donated on our Just Giving Page so far – it’s very much appreciated, but for those who haven’t yet had the time, details can be found here: http://www.justgiving.com/BPELuxembourgtoBudapestBikeRideJune2014


More tales of pain and misery to follow shortly…


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