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BPE Luxembourg to Budapest Bike Ride: Just over a week to go...

My first entry on the blog – how exciting!

I think I have been working on the assumption if I don’t think about it, it won’t hurt as much when it happens. But with just over a week to go, reality is beginning to seep in.

A 60plus mile ride round the Forest of Dean as part of the recent Pied Piper Sportive from Kingsholm gave me the confidence that I won’t actually die. I have not been out since – I don’t mind getting wet if I have to but I see no need to volunteer.

Hopefully, tomorrow morning will be better and I will put 30 or so miles on the clock. Saturday has the potential for a fun ride out to some village I’ve never heard of, somewhere near a little village I haven’t heard of either for a beer festival, combining site seeing, encouragement of a fine little event and essential rehydration before grinding back to Workman Towers in the afternoon. Oh – and the forecast is thunder storms…

It is not only fashionable, but also appropriate, to thank those who have helped me get this far – big big thanks to all the guys at Cheltenham Cycles, particularly the ever tolerant and encouraging Ben. Keeping this sort of shop and service going is why the internet is a bad thing (www.cheltenhamcycles.co.uk).

Thanks also to Ollie Harber at Fitness First – he has surprised me with what he can talk me into doing simply by looking a little bit disappointed if I don’t. Some of you may have heard the Liverpudlian comedian John Bishop talking about his experience of personal training in which he wax lyrical on the subject of “lunges”. This is where I would simply say “yeah – what he said”. I should also point out that running up and down the stairs with heavy weights on your back isn’t something I spend a lot of time wanting to do either.

Anyway a big thank you for all those who have sponsored us so far – this is a worthwhile project we are supporting and every pound – even every penny – makes a huge difference in these children’s lives.      


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