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Construction & Engineering Newsletter February 2015

Is it just us or did January seem to fly by? Well, February is here which means New Year’s Resolutions may be starting to fall by the wayside. We hope at least some readers are still sticking to the good habits encouraged in our last newsletter. Since we last wrote:

  • Our new colleagues have been out and about meeting our clients and contacts, and introducing us to a few of their own.
  • We hosted two very successful Women in Property events (Networking Mum’s Lunch and Chocolate Tasting).
  • We have been busy preparing for next week’s seminar (now fully booked).

Back in the office we’ve been dealing with:

  • A notable increase in the number of clients issuing applications relating to extensions of time, liquidated damages and loss and expense.
  • Drafting an EPC for multi-site development, together with a linked international sub-contract and series of international sub-subcontract frameworks and call off contracts.
  • The construction elements of a number of GP surgery developments as part of BPE’s healthcare team.
  • Setting aside a judgment in default (new instruction!)
  • Helping a client to formalise a series of professional appointments (to improve the “sale-ability” of the project on completion as well as protecting the client in the interim).
  • Providing tender support for a UK government body who is opening new premises in Brussels.
  • Pushing the other side to select a Single Joint Expert from a list we put forward (and regrettably being forced to request a Court hearing as the other side continued to fail to co-operate).

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