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My Perfect Sunday: Dave Brennan of Building Solutions Ltd

This month we spoke to Dave Brennan, Chartered Construction Manager at Building Solutions Ltd

I've been involved with the construction/engineering sector since: Well – all my life really. My Dad was a brickie and he had a company called Brennan Brothers which built several churches, factories, shops etc. locally. I spent my school holidays and weekends on site driving machines and generally having a great time. I could never imagine doing anything else. I left school at sixteen and started working for Preece Payne Partnership as a trainee Surveyor for the princely sum of £3.50 per week. I then worked as a Building Surveyor for Gloucestershire County Council before I started working for myself at the age of 23. Building Solutions Ltd has been trading for over 40 years now. My son is a Chartered Surveyor so it must be in the blood.

The best thing about my job: The construction industry is a great industry to be in – it’s full of interesting people, every job is a different challenge and if you’re good at what you do, you can do well. Personally, I’ve had great satisfaction in nurturing talent in members of my team and seeing them progress through the ranks. My current MD started with us as a surveyor, as did the MD before him. I’m non-exec now – that’s one of the best things too!

The worst thing about my job: I could have a whinge about the industry under-selling itself and undertaking huge risks for ridiculously tight margins but nobody would listen.

The first album I ever bought: Otis Blue by Otis Redding in 1966. Still good.

My favourite holiday: South America - Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador – really interesting cultures, people, flora and fauna. Fabulous landscapes. Every conceivable climate. Great wine.

My favourite bar/restaurant in Gloucestershire: My local, the Glass House, May Hill.

Make mine a (e.g., pint of real ale/G&T): A well-kept pint of Doom Bar.

My perfect Sunday would be: My normal Sundays are perfect enough for me. I fetch the papers for some neighbours so an early(ish) start, followed by an hour or so reading about what’s going on in the outside world, coffee in hand and with my Sunday playlist in the background. A walk on May Hill followed by a leisurely lunch (Carole cooks the best roast in the world) with a couple of bottles of good wine and the family around the table. I suppose it would make it perfect if I could watch Gloucester beat Bath!

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