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BPE Solicitors Help The Chip Shop Boys Continue Making Sweet Music

It takes years to build up a reputation in the music industry. Creating a successful, well respected band is no mean feat, so protecting your band’s name and reputation is of the utmost importance. That’s why Stuart Walby, Manager and Founder of Cheltenham based Rock & Pop covers band, The Chip Shop Boys, turned to BPE Solicitors to trade mark his band’s name.

The Chip Shop Boys have travelled the world performing at 1,000’s of prestigious events and in 2014 recorded a live album at Abbey Road Studios in London. This year they are planning a tour of the States.

“I felt it was absolutely the right time to think about protecting the band’s name,” explained Stuart. 

“The band is doing exceptionally well and I didn’t want ex-band members to think they could go out and create their own version of The Chip Shop Boys or for venues which haven’t booked or paid for our services to trade off our name.  BPE’s trade mark specialist was absolutely brilliant.  Jason explained clearly and simply what needed to be done and kept me involved in what was happening the whole time.“

Jason Lysandrides, Partner of BPE’s IP team, was instrumental in supporting The Chip Shop Boys obtain their trade mark. 

“Some of the biggest bands in the world have had problems with their trade marks.  Bucks Fizz, Steppenwolf, Deep Purple, The Beach Boys and One Direction have all at one time had issues with their brand, in some cases resulting in the need for protection.  In most cases it’s a band member who wishes to go their own way and believes they have the entitlement to use the band name as they wish.  Of course, this isn’t the case and flagrant mis-use of a brand can cause significant damage,” explained Jason.

By assisting Stuart Walby, BPE Solicitors effectively registered The Chip Shop Boys as a UK trade mark, giving him and his band statutory protection to use the band name and more importantly prevent others from unlawfully doing so.  

“Protect your band name and intellectual property rights now and it will stand you in good stead in the future, and could end up saving you a great deal of money in the long run,” says Jason.

For more information please contact the marketing department on bpe@bpe.co.uk or call 01242 224433.


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