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A brave new dawn

Dawn on 24 June 2016 saw, as well as a new day, the start of a new era. Britain has voted to leave the EU, and the Prime Minister has tendered his resignation. After months of campaigning from both sides, voters turned out in force to have their say.

With the ‘Leave’ campaign mustering 52% of votes cast, the decision has been made, and now, naturally, thoughts turn to the future. What does this mean for businesses and individuals in the UK? In truth, nobody yet knows. As discussed at BPE’s State of the Economy Dinner in February, with such a range of economic and social drivers in play, it is virtually impossible to accurately predict the future based on past experience. Now, more so than ever.

But that doesn’t mean that the correct course of action is to panic; far from it. The right course now is to remain calm and consider the actual ramifications. We don’t yet know what these will be, and it may be some months before an accurate picture can be determined.

Businesses are always facing change and economic challenges. We understand this and as such act as calm and pragmatic advisers to our clients, both current and future.

If you are at all concerned, please get in touch and let’s discuss what most worries you and we can work with you to best protect your interests over the coming months and years.


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