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The Split: Fact or Fiction? Episodes Five and Six

A new BBC legal drama, The Split, is the first of its kind to focus on the family legal profession and follows the Defoe family, two generations of female divorce lawyers. Although the series sensitively explored the emotional and practical realities of divorce and separation, to the dismay of many family lawyers, a number of legal inaccuracies were also portrayed. Every day this week, we will take a closer look at how each episode of The Split failed to address some common family law myths.

Episodes five and six

Episodes five and six focus on Goldie in the run up to the Financial Dispute Resolution hearing (a hearing that is designed to give both parties the opportunity to reach a settlement with the assistance of a Judge). Goldie is determined to fight her case all the way to a Final Hearing but a plot twist means that her plan is thwarted, as such a hearing would expose her children’s involvement in her husband’s fraudulent business dealings. Although Goldie’s reluctance to settle made good television, viewers should take note that approximately only around 5% of all financial cases of this nature result in a Final Hearing whereby a Judge imposes a decision on the parties.

Unlike the high drama and acrimony shown on The Split, the family court process in England strongly encourages negotiation and binding agreements can be made before court intervention is required.

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