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The sixth of our 12 Faces of Christmas

To celebrate Christmas this year we've asked some of our people to share what they love about the festive season. Today, Chris Aldridge gives us his answers.


Describe your job in 5 words

Helping clients deal with people.

If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you be

Broke. Just kidding, I'd be a struggling musician or a personal trainer.

What/where is your favourite place in Gloucestershire

My favourite place is Selsley Common, near where I grew up. The views are amazing. The pub is even better.

Which best describes you at Christmas? 'Enough with the Christmas songs' or 'Show me the mince pies!' 

I'm the guy who buys three presents in November and smugly convinces himself that he is ahead of the game, does almost nothing else until Christmas Eve and then runs around like a maniac panic buying naff presents.

What’s your favourite Christmas ad?

I like the Ikea one 'silence the critics'. The rap tickles me every time, it's very catchy.

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