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New Year – New You?

Today marks D-Day (Divorce Day), which is expected to be the most popular day of the year to instigate divorce proceedings. As today is the first working Monday of 2020 and the Christmas façade is now over, many individuals see today as a good opportunity to enquire about divorce.

It is often the case that divorce has been on one’s mind for some time, and it is often difficult to find the right time to start the process. The New Year is a symbolic time for many and is a time for new beginnings and so many individuals wait until this time to take advice.

If you are considering divorce this New Year, then please read our useful practical tips below:

  1. Communicate: Try to maintain a good line of communication with your spouse, as good communication will aid a smoother divorce process.

  2. Be organised: Your financial position will play a big part in the divorce process and so gathering all paperwork relating to your finances, including property, pensions, liabilities and income is key.

  3. Get help: It is very important that you seek legal advice on your position and having an experienced solicitor on your side will ensure matters are resolved more efficiently.

If you would like further advice on divorce then please just be in touch with our Family team.


These notes have been prepared for the purpose of an article only. They should not be regarded as a substitute for taking legal advice.

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