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Together, we can build the #FutureNow

As the UK prepares for an easing of lockdown restrictions, there’s a new cycle of change impacting upon every organisation. Keeping people safe while sustaining a commercially viable business is at the heart of today’s challenge.

It’s a challenge that is driving new practices, new business models and embraces a new perspective on what we value - as business owners, employees, individuals, families and communities.

At BPE, we believe that we can help each other to rebuild our economy in a meaningful way, through useful insight, freely shared.

That’s why we’ve joined with others who are experts in their fields, to offer practical and clear insight, expertise and ideas. To share how each of us is applying all that we’ve learned during these difficult times. To help businesses to reboot, reform and regrow.

It’s been initiated by BPE, Hazlewoods and Target, three firms with different specialisms coming together to provide useful content in a common marketplace. Today, #FutureNow is calling upon others in the business community to join us and share their expertise too.

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