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World Mental Health Day 2020

This World Mental Health Day we are reflecting on how wellbeing and mental health has been impacted by COVID-19. Promoting good mental health in the workplace has increasingly been a priority for businesses but the last six months have shown just how essential it is.

Everyone has unique circumstances and were all impacted differently by COVID-19: some had to shield, some were home schooling, some were furloughed, some were made redundant. The list goes on. Some businesses have shown themselves to be exemplary in putting in place measures to support and protect their staff, whatever their circumstance, and these organisations should be celebrated.

The pandemic has presented an opportunity where you can come together as a business and show your employees that you care by supporting them as best you can, this could be by:

  • Having regular catch ups both at team level and business level
  • Avoid contacting employees outside of typical work hours
  • Keep routines present for employees and scheduling weekly meetings
  • Have patience
  • Be kind

COVID-19 has had a massive impact for many reasons, and for many more that are yet to become apparent, but through it all, the wellbeing of staff should be a top priority.

On this World Mental Health Day, we encourage everyone to look out for one another and reach out to someone who may be struggling.  You might never know how much that contact will mean to them. 

For more information and support, the following websites have lots of great resources:




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