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Breaking: Uber drivers are workers rules Supreme Court

The UK Supreme Court has confirmed that Uber drivers are workers, entitled to national minimum wage and holiday pay. Historically, Uber has treated their drivers as self-employed, allowing them to avoid statutory minimum payments such as minimum wage for their 40,000+ drivers. The Supreme Court decision will come as a huge blow, both through reputational damage and more importantly financially, with a huge claim for back pay likely to follow.

This case has huge repercussions, not only for Uber, but for the employment status test in the UK. All employers in the UK who follow a similar business model, and even those who have historically exploited the “worker” status of individuals, should take notice of the judgment which has changed how such individuals status is assessed.

We will be providing a full review of the Uber judgment in our free monthly employment law bulletin which you can sign up to here. For a full background to the Uber case, our 2016 article on the case can be found here.


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