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All training routes lead to BPE

At BPE we pride ourselves in recruiting the right person for a role and encouraging alternative routes to employment.  We have been longstanding advocates of the CILEx programme which allows individuals to study to be a solicitor alongside working, gaining invaluable practical legal experience and enabling them to qualify in a way that suits them.

We have also supported a number of apprentices to start their journey with BPE and it seemed fitting, during National Apprenticeship Week, to hear from Mille Toft about her experience of being an apprentice.

Millie joined the Compliance team at BPE in 2021 as an apprentice and has quickly grown to become an integral part of what is a busy and crucial team within the firm.

Talking about her experience of being an apprentice, Mille said:

I chose to do an apprenticeship as I wanted to be able to work, learn and earn money at the same time to give me a head start in my career and get a feel for the working life which I believe university does not give you. I also wanted a change from the life of school/college/university and wanted to gain practical skills to take with me during my career.

My apprenticeship has given me experience in the workplace and allowed me to really get a feel for office life, getting into the routine and being able to link my college work to the practical work I complete in the office. My college work is also easier to complete as I can relate the questions to work I have carried out at BPE.

The best thing about being an apprentice is being able to work and learn at the same time but without the debt (and all the lectures and assignments!) associated with university. Instead I can complete my apprenticeship work during my working hours and have practical evidence and skills to take with me further in my career.

One thing that surprised me is that I am able to complete my college work during working hours.  I am given time 2 days a week to study meaning I do not have to take any home. In addition, everyone is extremely supportive and I feel I have everything available to me if I need it which has made the process a whole lot easier.

Alongside Millie, we currently have three other members of the BPE team - Guy Goodhall, Hannah Willington and Lewis Adkins - who have already completed their apprenticeships and impressed so much that they were each offered a permanent role. 

Each apprentice works at BPE for approximately eighteen months, with regular weekly check-ins with their training provider as well as regular catch ups and monthly progress sessions with their supervisor at BPE. 

For more information about apprenticeships click here

For those looking to become a solicitor, we do still of course recruit aspiring solicitors via the more traditional training contract route and applications for the 2023 intake are closing shortly (28th February).  For more information on training contracts at BPE, click here.

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