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BPE Technology team launches a data protection solution – The Global Privacy Hub

The Technology team at BPE Solicitors has created an off-the-shelf, cost-effective, data protection solution based on what businesses need the most in a data protection world.

The Global Privacy Hub (“GPH”) aims to help businesses understand which laws apply to them, where real risks reside, and how to ensure compliance in a cost-effective way.

The Global Privacy Hub adapts to each business’ needs and levels of risk, offering three levels of service which can be combined as required, all of which include expert legal and technical support to the in-house team.

It also provides multi-jurisdictional legal advice and greater clarity on what to do, how, and when, if you do business in the UK or overseas.

As the developer of the Global Privacy Hub, Rocio de la Cruz, Tech partner at BPE and an expert with more than 15 years’ expertise in this field, commented: “I created the Global Privacy Hub as I found that clients would come to me thinking that they had achieved an acceptable level of compliance but in reality, were vulnerable to high-risk breaches of the law and were struggling to keep on top of the ever changing legislation”.

She continues “This package of services can help every business, from start-ups through to established businesses trading in multiple jurisdictions and can be tailored to each individual circumstance”.

For more information about the Global Privacy Hub, or to test how compliant you are, visit our website.

And if you would like to discuss how BPE’s Global Privacy Hub could help you and your business, contact Rocio de la Cruz at BPE Solicitors (privacyhub@bpe.co.uk).

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