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National Fertility Awareness Week

BPE has a number of life-friendly policies which reflect the firm's understanding that the work-life balance is incredibly important.

We first introduced the fertility treatment policy in 2019, and in light of National Fertility Awareness Week, we want to encourage everyone to have an understanding of what is an emotional and difficult time for those affected and how employers can offer support.


BPE offers a fertility treatment policy which provides support for those going through this process. The policy includes paid time off for appointments and the treatment itself, so employees do not have to use their annual holiday.

We have an approachable HR team who can support or signpost employees to relevant organisations that can help them. We also offer an employee assistance line which can offer 24-hour support, especially in those times where an employee feels that there is no one else they can talk to.  


Championing a policy like this creates an environment where employees don't feel they have to hide their experiences and will be supported by talking to their employer.

At BPE, we have an open culture whereby individuals feel comfortable to share their own experiences. People can find support in their colleagues when they are going through difficult life experiences from miscarriage to fertility treatment. Knowing there are other people who have gone through the same or a similar experience and can offer you guidance and empathy can lessen the struggle and remind people that they are not alone. 

Going through fertility issues can have a substantial impact on employees and their wellbeing and it is important that employers recognise this and provide support where they can.

If you would like to discuss our policy, then please contact a member of our HR team: hr@bpe.co.uk. If you would like legal advice on your obligations as an employer, then please contact Steve Conlay in our employment team.

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