Our charges for probate services are based on a how long the work will take to complete as we operate on an hourly rate basis.  Our hourly rates are based on the experience each individual in the team has and are currently as follows:

Role/Level Hourly Rate (+VAT)
Partner £295
Senior Associate Solicitor £225
Associate Solicitor £195
Solicitor £165
Paralegal £100
Trainee £100

Grant only

Our fees start at £995+VAT plus any disbursements to third parties.  We will provide a full fee estimate and scope, giving a detail of the work which we will carry out, before we do anything on your behalf.  Should you require additional advice, or if matters become more complex than initially anticipated, we are able to provide ad-hoc support to you at an hourly rate as specified above.

Full-service estate administration

Fees for this service start at £1495+VAT and do not include disbursements payable to third parties.

As an example, a straightforward estate would have:

  • No claims or disputes
  • Minimal beneficiaries
  • No liability for inheritance tax
  • Simple financial assets of a lower level, consisting of bank accounts and no stocks/shares
  • A single property

In this scenario, or one similar, it would take approximately ten hours of our time and the fees would therefore range from £1650 to £2950 plus VAT based on our hourly rates (and depending on which level of solicitor deals with your matter).

Each probate case is unique involving different amounts and type of assets, straightforward or more complex personal and business affairs and wishes in relation to beneficiaries and legacies.  If the estate is more complex, we will provide a detailed quote based on the information provided by you and will agree these costs in advance before we start any work.

Disbursements (fees payable to third parties)

These fees that are additional to our legal fees for managing the estate administration and can include items listed below.

These are typical disbursements however, every estate is unique and therefore not all fees may apply or others may be needed.  We will let you know as soon as possible in advance and where applicable these costs are exclusive of VAT.

Item Cost
Third party valuations (property, jewellery etc) £250 - £1,200
Probate Court Fee £155
Copies of the Grant £1.50 per copy
Statutory advertisement £250 - £300
Land Registry Search £3 - £6 per title
Bankruptcy search fee £2 per beneficiary

We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the price information set out on our website provides an accurate and realistic indication of the costs of obtaining certain legal advice today, but we may update the information at any time in the future.

Whilst we hope this information is helpful as an initial guide, we will provide you with a specific fee proposal and a copy of our standard terms of business when you instruct us to undertake work.  

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