Support Levels

Grant Only

For this package, we would prepare the necessary documents in order to obtain the Grant and you would provide us with all of the information required.  In this scenario you would pull together all information regarding assets and liabilities in the estate, inform all relevant authorities such as utility companies and banks and make sure that all assets are kept secure and insured.

We will use the information that you provide to prepare the Inheritance Tax return and apply to the Probate Registry for the Grant of Representation.  Once the Grant is received, we will pass this to you to finalise the administration.  This will involve you collecting all assets, paying any liabilities, preparing estate administration accounts and tax returns before distributing the estate amongst the beneficiaries.

Full Estate Administration

Estate administration can be complex and time consuming.  In what is already an emotional and difficult time, dealing with a loved one’s estate can become difficult to manage alongside, work, other family commitments and the grieving process.  Our full service estate administration service aims to take this element away from you so you can focus on other things in the knowledge that the process is being managed by an experienced professional.  In the initial meeting with one of our team, you would simply need to hand over all relevant documentation you have available such as bills, bank statements and details of assets and liabilities and we will do the rest.  Your job as executor would then be greatly reduced as the administration would be fully managed by your solicitor although we would keep you informed as to progress and any issues that you need to be aware of throughout.

Service Grant only Full service
Notifying all utility companies and non-financial organisations including the DVLA, local authority and insurance companies. No Yes
Collating details of the assets and liabilities in the estate and completing an unclaimed asset register search, placing a statutory advertisement where necessary. No Yes
Obtaining formal valuations of contents, jewellery and property. No Yes
Preparing a schedule of the assets and liabilities for the Inheritance Tax return. Yes Yes
Providing Inheritance Tax advice and setting out the Inheritance Tax due and deadlines by which it must be paid. No Yes
Preparing the Inheritance Tax Return and the supplementary form claiming the transferable Nil Rate Band. Yes Yes
Preparing the legal statement for executors and making the application for the Grant of Probate. Yes Yes
Collecting the assets in the estate, settling liabilities and obtaining receipts. No Yes
Preparing estate accounts including all assets and liabilities in the estate, dealing with any tax returns and the distribution of the estate as per the Will. No Yes
Distributing the estate in accordance with the Will and ensuring that receipts and indemnities are obtained to protect the executors from future claims. No Yes

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