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Support for Family & Owner Managed Businesses

Most people understand the importance of a Will for their personal affairs, but far fewer realise that having the correct arrangements in place for your business is vital too.

For many entrepreneurs, their business and personal lives are interlinked, so considering what happens to business interests if you, or a co-owner, dies or becomes incapacitated, is every bit as important as planning for growth or sale.


Getting Your Business Affairs in Order

By reviewing existing arrangements and assessing them against the current and future needs of the business, we will help you ensure that your business affairs are in order and provide a plan for implementing our recommendations.

Family and owner managed businesses have their own unique cultures which can also bring unique challenges. We will work with you to fully understand your current situation, objectives, opportunities and challenges to help you plan for the future.

Maintaining the values of the business and building on its culture and personality is often a key element of a business’s success. Likewise, succession planning is crucial to any family business, be it passing the business on to the next generation or creating a senior management team to take the reins in the future.

Working alongside you, we can ensure that you have the support in place to achieve your objectives for growth. This could include protecting and future-proofing assets, ensuring that both your personal and business assets are managed correctly and efficiently, helping you put agreements and contracts in place to enable growth and ensuring that the people are in place to support the business’ development.

We work closely with colleagues across BPE to support family and owner managed businesses. We are proud to have advised many businesses throughout their business lifecycle, from start up to exit and sometimes start up again. This includes our Private Wealth, Corporate and Employment teams as well as working alongside your wider network of advisors to manage things from both a legal and financial perspective and put joint strategies in place to support both you and the business.

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