BPE Employment Team Hourly Fees & Rates

Employment Tribunal Claims for you

Unfair Dismissal (Claimant) £10,000 - £20,000 + VAT
Discrimination (Claimant) £15,000 - £40,000 + VAT
Other Available upon request

Employment Tribunal Claims for your Business

Unfair Dismissal (Respondent) £10,000 - £25,000 + VAT
Discrimination (Respondent) £20,000 - £50,000 + VAT
Other Available upon request

The fees listed above are indicative estimates only and do not constitute a formal quote. The actual cost of bringing and defending an employment tribunal claim can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the case, the number of witnesses involved, and the length of the hearing. The more complex a case, the more time and expertise required by a senior solicitor (and therefore expense). The cost of each matter will vary on its facts.

Disbursements such as barrister fees and any applicable tribunal fees are not included in the stated prices and would be charged additionally; being subject to VAT as applicable. We recommend contacting us for a tailored fee estimate based on the specific details of your case.

A tribunal claim can last between six months and five years depending on the complexity and the stages required throughout. This process would ordinarily be ordered by the judiciary at the outset of the matter. Typically this consists of the following stages in a straightforward matter (time scales can vary).

ET1 - Claim form 

ET3 - Response form 

Preliminary hearing


Witness statement 


 In order to obtain a full breakdown of likely costs, please contact us for a specific quote.

Hourly Charge out rates

Sarah Lee (Partner) £350 + VAT
Stephen Conlan (Partner) £350 + VAT
Steve Conlay (Senior Associate) £250 + VAT
Emily Arnold (Solicitor) £195 + VAT
Ellie Forsyth (Senior Paralegal) £150 + VAT

The hourly rates listed may be subject to change depending on the specific circumstances of your case, the level of experience required, and other relevant factors. Please contact us for a specific fee quote tailored to your individual needs.

Should you require any further information regarding BPE's employment offerings or on our fees in general, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Lee on 01242 248261.

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