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Construction Dispute Resolution

Our aim in any dispute situation is to help our client reach a prompt and fair resolution.  We understand that disputes can be both time and cost consuming for your business and we work to alleviate that time pressure in a cost-effective way allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business. 

We can lead negotiations for you always keeping your key drivers in mind, and trying to protect your relationship with the parties involved. 


Dispute Resolution

Whist adjudication, arbitration and litigation are available as formal dispute resolution mechanisms for construction disputes, we have an extremely strong track record of assisting clients to reach settlement before formal steps are taken. 

In particular we can:

  • Provide initial “merits assessment” reports allowing you to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your position
  • Assist with pre-action correspondence – either drafting letters for you to send or engaging directly with other parties or their solicitors
  • Engage with experts to provide reports protected by legal advice privilege
  • Work with you towards negotiated or mediated settlement
  • Act with you throughout formal dispute resolution by adjudication, arbitration or litigation

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