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Restrictive Covenants

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When you leave your job, it’s possible you’ll want to take your client or supplier relationships with you. It’s equally possible your employer will try to stop you. We can help you negotiate the terms of your departure, including dealing with any restrictive covenants you may have signed.

We offer you a friendly personal service and we tailor our services and the way we work together to suit your goals. We’re easy to talk to and our number one priority is always to protect your interests. Our team is partner-led, with City experience, but our fees are less expensive than our City firm counterparts and you’ll always know the member of our team you’re talking to.


We loosen restrictive covenants

Depending on your seniority, it’s likely you’ll have been asked to sign a restrictive covenant or other preventative measures as part of your initial contract of employment - or in an updated contract you signed if you were promoted. These restrictions may:

  1. Prevent you from working in a similar role for a competitor

  2. Prevent you from acting for a client of your former employer, regardless of who approached whom

  3. Prevent you from trying to poach clients of your former employer

  4. Prevent you from trying to poach your former colleagues

For a restrictive covenant to be enforceable, it must be specific and reasonable. Your employer would also have to argue the restriction was only there to protect business interests and not simply to prevent competition.

We’re experts at arguing against restrictive covenants and will help you to understand what’s reasonable and what can make restrictions unenforceable. So you can take intangible assets like the legacy you’ve built and the networks you’ve carefully nurtured with you to new job. We can also advise you on the consequences of breaching any restrictions a court has already decided are reasonable.

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