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Supply of Services

Having a robust supply chain of service and product providers is essential to the smooth running of your business. In order to have this, and to protect it should things go awry, you may need to have a supply agreement in place. 

Having properly drafted agreements in place between suppliers and consumers will make all the difference in protecting your interests.


Supplier Contracts

The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 regulates businesses supplying the service to a consumer, setting the expected standard of competency of the supplier and their reasonable experience and skill. Therefore, if you intend to enter into a supply of service, you should consider the expertise that your consumer will expect.

Our Commercial Team can advise you on the fundamentals of a supplier agreement which as standard, would usually include:

  • Service level agreements
  • Working hours
  • Delivery time scales

However, a more tailored approach to the contracts complement the business you’re running and supplement the relationship with your consumers.

The Commercial Team are experienced at writing various types of robust and sufficient contracts, checking the fine print and crafting syntax that will protect your business.

Issues With a Service or Supply Agreement

Even when you have taken the required steps to protect your core systems or supply chains, disputes can still arise and cause your business to suffer loss.

Breaches to supply and/or service level agreements, IT support or software can cause a business to shut down and parties become swiftly entrenched.

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