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Recruitment can be an excellent way to help grow your business. It’s also one of the most overlooked areas of risk. From writing your job ad to issuing a new starter’s contract, we’re here to protect your interests at all times.

Whether you want assistance from the very beginning of the recruitment journey, or at any given stage, our expert Employment team can advise you on a wide range of issues including employment law, minimum wage and discrimination, right up to service agreements for your directors.


Good advice from the get-go

Liability for discrimination occurs from the very outset of your job advertisement. We’ll ensure you avoid making any discriminatory requirements in the role criteria or advise whether the context and nature of your work qualifies you for exceptions under current employment law. We can also help you avoid discrimination claims that can result from the interview process, including failure to make any relevant adjustments for written tests or psychological or aptitude tests.


We get the real world

These days it’s increasingly common for background checks on candidates to include monitoring social media. We can advise you on the legalities and data protection issues of this and use of artificial intelligence to narrow down the pool. Once you’ve made a job offer we can advise you on the next steps including reference requests, contracts, the induction process and even any workplace adjustments required.

We can also advise on how employment law affects different Employment Status, including employees, self-employed contractors or having an agency worker or someone on a zero-hour contract ensuring adherence with the IR35 regulations. 

We can also work with you to ensure you have the correct policies and procedures in place in preparation of employing staff, as well as implementing the necessary practices to minimise the risk of employing an individual in the wrong type of role.


Your biggest asset can also be your greatest expense

Breaking employment law can be costly. We will help you comply with employment rights (including annual leave, sick pay, maternity, paternity and adoption leave) help you deal with lodged grievances and make sure you’re protected from claims of unfair dismissal.

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