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A constructive approach to Trade Union relationships

We understand the importance of constructive and harmonious relationships with trade unions and their representatives. We provide firm, pragmatic advice and a personal, flexible service to make that possible.

We have considerable expertise in advising and building relationships in heavily unionised work environments including medical, education, finance and manufacturing. We’re easy to talk to and always have your best interests at heart.


Clear advice in a complex environment

The legislation behind trade industrial relations is multifaceted and complicated, often magnified by the number of employees involved. The financial implications of breaking laws or not handling relationships properly can have significant implications on your business.

Your employees have the right to join a trade union and are even entitled to legal protection to prevent unfair treatment if they do. Our Employment team can advise you on the drafting and interpretation of recognition and collective agreements with trade union representatives and build the good industrial relations that are key to the smooth running of your business.

Our technical expertise includes leading negotiations for issues such as pay rises, changes to working hours and/or conditions, restructuring, redundancies, a change in ownership and/or issues with paying salaries.


We get the real world

If disputes arise that can’t be resolved between you, your employees or trade union representative, your business may be faced with the prospect of industrial action. We’ll ensure you have a dispute resolution strategy in place and protect your business against individual and collective disputes though consultation or, if necessary, injunctions. We can also represent you in class actions in the Employment Tribunal should things get that far. Our priority is to always find the path that minimises your exposure to risk.

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