Improve your cyber resilience

with Digital Assurance as a Service

For hackers and cybercriminals, opportunities have never been greater

With an increase in the usage of digital services; the number of public IP addresses growing; and a staggering amount of data generated every day, there is a multitude of vulnerabilities which can be taken advantage of.

For SMEs through to large organisations, the challenge is complex, therefore establishing greater cyber resilience is critical, as a business is certainly only as strong as its weakest link.


What is Digital Assurance as a Service?

Digital Assurance is a combined tech and legal service that provides your business with a best-in-class digital resilience strategy across your entire supply chain. We have partnered with Cheltenham-based Bamboo Technology Group to design an innovative service designed to make your organisation cyber-fit and more resilient to diverse threats. And, crucially, it helps it stay that way.


Turn cyber risk into cyber power and make it a source of strategic advantage

An audit spots potential weaknesses; a governance review ensures roles and responsibilities are clear; incident simulations mean your team know how to respond quickly; and your contracts, policies, processes and training are upgraded.

Digital Assurance plugs any gaps in your existing strategy to lessen the impact of cyber incidents; reduce reputational risk and the potential for fines; mitigate the risk of costly litigation; and potentially cut costs on business insurance too as well as lessening the risk of damages claims from customers and suppliers. 

How to keep your organisation protected

Digital Assurance offers organisations a smart combination of integrated technology and legal expertise in one place. It puts organisations on the front foot in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

Making the legal aspect of cyber risk management watertight

Show customers that you control your supply chains, regulators that your are compliant, insurers that you have fulfilled the conditions of your cyber risk policy and the world at large your best practice in the cyber realm.

Whatever the size of your business, the cyber threat is real and present. If you’d like to know more about Digital Assurance, email or call 01242 501903.

Download the Digital Assurance as a Service leaflet here.

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