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3 tips on how to secure a Training Contract!

We all know how difficult it is securing a training contract. The process has minimum 4 rounds and every firm wants something a little different. So… is it even achievable? The answer is YES but with practice. Here are my 3 top tips that helped me secure a training contract at BPE:

Tip 1: Less (applications) is more!

A big misconception surrounding applications is that you have to apply to 10 plus law firms in every application cycle. It is more effective to apply to 5 firms maximum and spend the extra time making those application personal and relevant to the firm you are applying to.  You should look on the firms website and LinkedIn page to see what they do and what they are proud of. Determine what their values are and include an explanation of how they align with your own. Additionally, ensure you tell the law firm why them specifically - this makes every application unique. And finally, spend the time reading and re-reading your application before pressing submit.  

Tip 2: Practice the art of interviewing

There is no sugar-coating it, interviews are hard and nerve-wracking. No one likes to sit there and be questioned by a panel of people they have never met before. But the clique is correct in this instance: practice does make perfect. In my first ever job interview (not BPE), the panel picked apart every answer I gave and asked me to explain my reasoning. When I started to explain, I realised I did not have a clue why I had given the answer I had given and it showed. Needless to say, I did not get the job. However, it taught me an important lesson: understand what you are saying and do not just say something because it sounds ‘impressive’ – it often does not. Get a family member or friend to sit down with you and practice difficult interview questions. The likelihood is you will never get questions that hard in a real interview but if you’ve practice the worst, the real one will be a breeze.

Tip 3: Be yourself

As obvious as it sounds, being yourself throughout the application process is vitally important. Pretty much everyone who gets through to the final stage of any law firm’s application process is good enough for the job (you have been thoroughly tested and prodded by that point already). The distinguishing factor is your personality. BPE hire trainees who are enthusiastic, passionate and open-minded. They are not looking for a corporate robot who just says ‘yes’. They want you to be an individual. This can only shine through by being your true authentic self.

I hope this has provided you with some useful tips. Good luck with your application to BPE!

These notes have been prepared for the purpose of articles only. They should not be regarded as a substitute for taking legal advice.

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