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Personal Disputes

Legal issues surrounding any personal dispute will always have additional stresses and issues. Our private client and family teams understand the sensitive nature of family proceedings and the long term impact and issues that can surround them.


I want a divorce

When a relationship breaks down it can affect every area of your life. We can't make the challenges go away, but we can help you find the best possible solution. Whether you are married or in a civil partnership, we can help you achieve some certainty for the future.

Unmarried couples, in particular, can face complex problems when separating, and we offer legal advice to protect your rights. We always try to resolve things without court action whenever possible.

Separation or divorce doesn't have to mean a lengthy court case. We can find other ways to resolve disputes, settling issues amicably via discussion and negotiation.

We can use mediation or collaborative law to work with all parties in a non-confrontational way, arranging meetings for you both to discuss matters face to face, or negotiating lawyer to lawyer to arrange a solution everyone is happy with.

Enforcing a financial settlement

Most people comply with financial orders made by the Court, but if you're having problem with your ex partner, there are a number of ways we can help, such as an attachment of earnings order which deducts payments from his or her salary. Even if the financial order has been made by a Court in another Country, we can help.

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