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Competitors and competition

There's nothing wrong with healthy competition, but when it becomes targeted towards your business or is damaging your livelihood that's when we step in.

Protecting your brand

Creating and protecting your brand

We work with a wide range of clients, from start ups to high profile brands, advising on all aspects from trade mark registration and brand management to international protection and IP litigation.

With wide-ranging global expertise, our team can support you with business issues arising both in the UK and overseas whether commercial challenges or those posed by infringers and counterfeit products.

Your brand is your business and so a very precious commodity. Once you've decided upon a name for your business it's important to check that you're not inadvertently copying someone else's name, and then trademark it.

The best way to avoid infringing on someone's trademark rights is to research, research, and more research. Some new businesses don't undertake a trademark search thinking that owning a company name or domain name registration is enough. Unfortunately, you usually find out that you're infringing someone else's trademark, after you've spent considerable time and money on branding, marketing and building up your reputation. You will be asked to stop using your brand and undertake an expensive rebranding excercise.

We can help. From patents to trademarks, copyright infringement to IP litigation, our wide-ranging global expertise means your brand is in safe hands.

Keeping control of business domain names

There's a number of legal implications to consider when setting up a website to promote your business or to sell products via an e-commerce site. Firstly it's important to make sure the business owns the domain name, instead of an individual. If the individual leaves the business for any reason it could cause problems. 

Ensuring you have registered trademark that corresponds to your domain name will ensure third parties cannot use a similar name and register a different version of your domain.

BPE can help you to set up and review your domain names.

Protecting your website content

Content is the driving force behind any website, it generates traffic, builds your reputation and entices new business. If you are an online retailer selling your own branded goods, for example, protecting your images and content is critical. We can help to make sure your website content is fully protected. 

Confidentiality and non disclosure agreements

Confidentiality agreements ensure that any sensitive business information is protected when dealing with another business. From agreeing terms with a distributor or wholesaler to dealing with investors, suppliers and manufacturers, a non disclosure or confidentiality agreement will give you the right to claim for breach of contract should any sensitive information be disclosed to a third party without your consent.

Our team take a 'can do' approach, offering practical support to help your business across every contract throughout a wide variety of situations.

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